Golden Eagle Tour

Golden Eagle Tour


TEHRAN (ISNA)- European Golden Eagle Luxury Train known as 'hotel on wheels' will enter Iran in October with over 700 European and Australian tourists have booked tickets of the train passing across Iran (Parsi Jewelries).

This is the first European train which managed to receive a permit from the Islamic Republic of Iran's Railroad. The train is regarded as five-star hotel in Europe. Its passengers are on the train until the end of the journey to visit attractive parts of the world.

The train got the permit by the help of an Iranian company 'Pasargad Tours' is a member of the world's luxurious trains club. It has added Iran to the list of destinies of the trains and has prepared a itinerary to Iran dubbed 'Parsi Jewleries' and will be enforced from October.

The Iranian company made the initial agreement with managers of the train last year. The two sides agreed to bring at least 100 passengers to Iran in October, however the number of passengers booked tickets for the travel has increased to 700.

The train starts its travel on October 14, from Budapest and then reaches Iran after Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The train's travel ends in December 2015. It would enter Mashhad, Yazd, Isfahan, Kerman, Shiraz, Tehran and Zanjan cities in Iran.

Its visit would last for 15 days and cost 13.000 to 38.000 dollars