This was the first official raid and the first trip of its own kind in Iran; Genuinely more than a month trip, lots of preparation, recce trips, border formalities and 21 days of tough operation inside country; this trip is exclusively designed for the deserts of Iran.

We literally drove about 1200 km off roads in remote corners of Dasht-e kavir and Lut desert! Twenty 4X4 cars drove about 550 km from south of Kashan to reach Choupanan and Rig-e jen border all in off-roads in heart of Dasht-e kavir!

Resting for 1 day in beautiful clayish Yazd; we continued to reach Lut desert for venturing in to the heart of this unknown beauty!

We drove about 600 km in giant sand dunes, central district and Kaluts area. and … All cars did successfully!