Iran Adventure Tours

Iran Adventure Tours

Iran is a country of natural and climatic contrasts. The expanse of deserts in the center, surrounded by high snow-capped mountain ranges, as well as the Caspian littoral in the north and the hot and humid coasts of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman in the south, provide the habitat for numerous species of plants and animals and a multitude of stunning landscapes.

The abundance of high mountain peaks of 4,000 to over 5,600 meters, together with an altitude difference of up to 5,000 meters within a radius of 500 kilometers, conveniently create suitable grounds for such sporting activities as hiking, camping, hang-gliding, hunting, fishing, diving and water-skiing.

The fertile valleys of the magnificent Zagros Mountains, with flocks of rams, mountain goats, ibex, and adorned with wild tulips, make your visit an enchanting experience.

Unforgettable adventure programs of climbing and skiing on the slopes of permanently snow-capped Mount Damavand, a dormant volcano of 5,671 meters, could be easily supplemented with enjoyable driving and trekking over sand dunes of Salt and Sand Deserts in central IRAN.

iran adventure tours


Visit Iran with Pasargad Tours

Pasargad Tours Company has been actively engaged since 1987, as the foremost private tour operator in Iran, in the promotion, and operation of cultural tourism and business travel to this country.

we specialize in cultural, archaeological, architectural and ethnological tours and plan special interest itineraries for such trips, our expert outdoor eco-tourism department plans and executes camping, trekking, mountain climbing, skiing, nomads, botanical and bird-watching tours.

We provide the highest standard of services in Iran, backed by a 38-member highly professional office staff and a team of some 40 highly-qualified national guides, fluent in many languages and with a thorough know/edge of all aspects of Iran's history, culture, religion, art, architecture, as well as all aspects of life in Iran today.

Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will provide you with one of our many itineraries, from classic one-week to specialized four-week, or longer, together with our rates and the detailed program.

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