Iran travel Agency

Iran travel Agency

Why choosing us

There are so many travel agencies in all over Iran .

But the question is : which one we can trust ?

We can introduce some agencies that are trustful ,but there is no enough space here to name them one by one!

All people don’t have the same parameters when it comes to choosing travel agency.

Some are looking for agencies which are international and their blogs should be updated day by day and also have online payment but some others looking for more simple agencies like internal agencies and its not even important to not having online payment , more important thing for one agency is to have a copy right in their own blogs.

We can help you to find trustworthy agencies!

One of the most simple way is, to Google them, after that you can find their contact number and call them and make sure that they have the right License and certificate or you can also go there by yourself and make sure that it is actually existing.

By paying attention to these parameters you can find a trustful agency easily.

Pasargad Tours Company has been actively engaged since 1987, as the foremost private tour operator in Iran, in the promotion, and operation of cultural tourism and business travel to this country.

However, the expertise of our Managing Director Ebrahim PourFaraj (also Chairman of the Iranian Tour Operators' Association) and staff in the field of tour and travel goes way beyond that.

We work with some of the most prestigious tour operators in major European countries, including Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the UK, the USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. In addition, we regularly organize cultural tours for some of the world's eminent universities, museums and other cultural institutions.