Iran Tour and Travel

Iran Tour and Travel

We want to talk with you about a country that you can see both Ancient and Modernity culture, Buildings, cities and towns in one place. It’s like you can see the whole world in just one place . The people of this country are really kind and they are one of the most hospitable people in the world! Its also famed about its four seasons!

Tourists can visit this country during the summer months (June - September) for the sunshine and regional festivals, and during the winter months (November - March) for skiing. So no matter what time you choose to go, it is a great place to travel all year round.

With ancient bazaars, handicraft centers and modern boutiques, there are a huge variety of ways to shop in this country.

Also There is two important festivals or events will be held in this country ,one of them called” Nowruz “ this event is one of the most important traditional holidays on their calendar and one of them called “Ramadan “ it’s The ninth and holiest of months in the Islamic calendar .

There is Dried fruits and nuts, special ice creams and Khoresht that u have to try when you travel to this amazing place.

Also there is beautiful buildings that you have to see like :Tomb of Hafez, Golestan palace, perspolis, Imam mosque and a lot of other places.

I think after this explanation now you can guess which country we are talking about!! It’s easy to guess now!

Yes … You’re right… It’s IRAN.

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iran tour and travel


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