Iran Journey

Iran Journey

Journey through the Land of Paradise, Palaces and Poets with PASARGAD Tours

Iran’s tourism
industry looks set to grow rapidly following the lifting of economic sanctions, with more westerners looking to visit and plans being made for the development of tour companies, hotels and tourist facilities.

Iran is truly the land of contrast and diversity. It is a terrain that is composed of lowlands as low as 28 meters below the sea level and highlands where Mount Damavand, the highest summit of the eastern Euro-Asian land mass, rises to 5,671 meters above the sea level.It has a climate that presents the extreme temperatures ranging from the freezing cold of minus 35°C to the melting heat of 45°C. It is a country with lush, fertile forests and arid, desolate deserts.

Iran is also a country of great ethnic diversity and a magnificent cultural heritage; after all, it was once the greatest empire of the ancient world. In the middle ages and modern times, Iran has been at the crossroads of civilizations. It is at the intersection where east meets west and south crosses north.

Iran has 9 Biosphere Reserves, 23 National Parks, 23 National-Natural Monuments, 111 Protected Areas, 35 Wildlife Refuges and 21 wetlands of international importance, the so-called Ramsar reserves.Numerous architectural marvels and opportunities to experience and share the urban, rural and nomadic lifestyle of Iranians makes Iran a prime destination for all who love nature, appreciate culture and enjoy travel.

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Pasargad Tours Co. Provide full-package services which include applying for Visa, full board accommodation at the best available hotels, transport in modern air conditioned coaches, all transfers and booking of domestic flights.

While we specialize in cultural, archaeological, architectural and ethnological tours and plan special interest itineraries for such trips, our expert outdoor eco-tourism department plans and executes camping, trekking, mountain climbing, skiing, nomads, botanical and bird-watching tours. We also organize business travel for commercial and trade delegations and help arrange the required meetings, congresses and conferences.

Please contact us with your specific requirements and Iran Journey tour,we will provide you with one of our many itineraries, from classic one-week to specialized four-week, or longer, together with our rates and the detailed program.

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