Eco Adventure Tours

Ski and Mountain Tours

The topography of Iran consists of rugged mountainous rims surrounding high interior basins. In two major ranges of Zagros and Alborz, as well as other minor ranges and isolated mountains. In winter the slopes of Zard-Kouh, offers excellent powder to the back country skier and through April to May its meadows covered with wild flower beds are pasture to the named herds and a very popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Trekking Tours

The types of treks and trails in Iran are as varied and numerous as the terrain and the landscape. The scenic beauty, the unique vegetation and the wildlife of these trails makes Iran a ‘must see’ destination for all trekkers.

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Cycling Tours

Cycling lets you explore the landscape at your own pace, ensures ample engagement with the local culture, has minimal environmental impacts, and best of all helps you conclude your trip fitter than when you started it!

To those who live an active lifestyle, have a passion for adventure and relish the fatigue that comes after day of exhilarating pedaling.

In our years of organizing eco-adventure tours of all kinds to just about everywhere in Iran. Experience in arranging itineraries, and in creating unforgettable adventure programs in majestic landscapes from the dramatic peaks of the Zagros down and across vast desert plains.

Bird-Watching Tours

Birdwatchers have a great opportunity to see many of Iran’s 519 known species of birds. Iran is an exceptional destination with almost all of the neighboring countries.

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Photography Tours

Also our guides are familiar with the land and photography. Therefore, we can arrange and design tours for the general shutterbug as well as those who are interested solely in either landscape, architecture, wildlife or the people and their culture.

Motorized Tours

A typical route will include off-road driving in the deserts, mountains, and forests, rounded by visits to historically-rich cities, such as Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd.

Desert Tours

There are two vast expanses of deserts in Iran, the Kavir-e Lut or the Lut Desert, and the Kavir-Markazi or the Central Desert, covering most of the central parts of Iran.

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Nomad Tours

Up until a century ago, a major part of the Iranian population was nomadic tribes who tended their roaming herds according to the season, from pasture to pasture. Our tours will camp in the vicinity of the nomads, so that you can closely experience their way of life and enjoy their legendary hospitality.

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Flora and Fauna

The diversity of the ecosystems and habitats in Iran makes it one of the most fascinating and notable countries in the world for the exhibition of natural flora and fauna.