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PASARGAD Tour, The Experts In Cultural Heritage Travel Within Iran

Iran as witnessed more than ten thousand years of history. It is a land of astonishing cultural diversity. Iran has a distinct cultural identity too, with its predominately Shia-Muslim population, which sets it apart from most nations in the Islamic world. 


cultural tours


regularly organize cultural tours for some of the world’s eminent universities, museums and other cultural institutions.While we specialize in cultural, archaeological, architectural and ethnological tours and plan special interest itineraries for such trips, our expert outdoor ecotourism department plans and executes camping, trekking, mountain climbing, skiing, nomads, botanical and bird watching tours.  This website provides and insight into what Iran has to offer the modern, culturally focused tourist interested in history and its landscape. From the ruins of ancient empires to the world’s greatest mosque architecture; form the snow capped mountains to the burning deserts.

All our guides are of exceptional merit. They are mostly educated to graduate standard and PASARGAD Tours is the only operators to insist on further quality control and ongoing training. Your guide will be a fount of knowledge and an ambassador for Iranian culture, looking after all the small details of the tour. On duty twenty-four hours a day if necessary.

Iran is one of the world’s richest countries for cultural tourism and PASARGAD Tours are the experts in bringing that rich heritage to life.Numerous architectural marvels and opportunities to experience and share the urban, rural and nomadic lifestyle of Iranians Iran a prime destination for all who love nature, appreciate culture and enjoy travel.

The Iranian culture and civilization has been one of the most ancient and deep-rooted cultures and civilizations in the world. The historical background of this ancient culture and citizenship dates back to Iranian ideas that are thousands of years old. Owing to its dominant geopolitical position and culture in the world, Iran has directly influenced cultures